This painting is like a book. A beautiful woman behind a mask is visible. Behind the woman, she carriers her past. With this painting, I’ve tried to show the burden a person can carry. There is always more than the eye can see. Furthermore, this painting is powerful by its color and deserves to be exposed in a powerful house.

Ogen van tralies

Eyes of bars

A young surrealism woman who is attached and hanged to her eyelashes. They present the pain the eyes had to bear. In contrast to the message, the colors of this painting are very calm and relaxing.

EenzaamFemale prisoner

This is one of my first works as an artist. With this painting I have tried to show peace and freedom. The towels are wrapped as a warm bath around the woman. The golden colors appear behind the woman as the sun on a pale skin.

ConnectedUnknown women

Most important parts of this painting are the lines and colors. The combination of the lines and colors makes this painting alive. Without a clear expression, it feels like the women are watching you.